Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So here at fullnelson we really value team spirit and we've found a new way to rally it! the McDonalds Monopoly game!!! what could be better than free money?! so all we do is buy mcdonalds for breakfast and lunch and we're bound to win, or at least have a first name relationship with the drive up window lady named juanita, she is so sweet with her 6 kids and her hair net, we're gettin together friday for some tamales... oh what has my life come to!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We're on the brink people

"We're on the brink of something big here people"

these are the words that come out of my boss' mouth this morning

I don't know if this is supposed to be inspiring or scary

I'm gonna go with a little bit of both, whatever gets you goin, right?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

has technology got you down?

do you ever feel like throwing your computer through a window?
we do
but here at fncreative we practice restraint. so instead we just let Jesse deal with the electronics.
we like to call him the PC whisperer
here's actual testimony from satisfied personnel:

"before jesse worked his magic my pc would have internet service tantrums and just completely stop, but now its well-behaved and listens like never before"

"i was skeptical at first but after realizing my pc was truly posesed i gave him a chance, now i'm a true believer"

Jesse we're truly blessed to have you and your special gift around, what would we do without you

we say these things in the name of..... oh nevermind

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lets get serious

although we have a ton of fun over here at fncreative its not all fun and games...

we do occasionally pump out some amazing creations!

Like for instance the Jared Gold Czarina Runway Event was just to die for! It was like nothing Salt Lake has ever seen before and we helped produce it. look it up on our website @ and click on the events tab to see some really cool footage.

Ok and the craziest part is its probably gonna be turned into a reality tv show and picked up by a mystery network!!! stay tuned and i'll keep you updated!

K well i guess i was trying to explain how we don't only have fun but the truth is we have tons of fun doing exactly what we love!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

we let her out of the basement

On grounds of good behavior Kelli has been let out of the basement and has been admitted to the ground floor.

But first she must pass a rigorous exam to make sure she is safe to join the general population

As seen here having her neck meat examined, we are confident she'll make a safe transition to the fullnelson habitat.

this is why i'm not a reporter


apparently the vial we retrieved from Jesse's office merely contained cinnamon flavored toothpicks

thank you, unnamed source, for bursting my bubble!

This is why I blog, I am not a reporter!

the mountain man has his indiscretions

could you believe that this man has an addiction?!!!
yes its true good ol' jesse, the conservative, loveable, mountain man has a secret he's been trying to keep from us all, but i finally was able to infiltrate his defenses and retrieved a small vial containing something called "hotlix" I mean really the name just says it all...
Jesse there is hope!!! don't give up buddy we'll getcha some help.

the excitement is unmistakable

So i just wanted to update you on how great the new "wellness program" is working out, lol, get it working out...
Anyway, the joy on Jane's face is just unmistakable wouldn't you agree...

Oh and thats handy man... a man of many trades ;)

And we've implemented a new diet plan! it consists of mushy unrecognizable yellow stuff that we're hoping at some point was an organic substance...

We have high hopes for the outcome, check back often for updates!!!

this is OUR wellness program

Due to the severity of the economy our boss, Jane, has decided to cut back on our "wellness program" and find alternative forms of exercise.

This is one of her latest ideas...